Projects in stone
for architectural and decorative solutions

DQ offers you a whole new universe of decorative and innovative solutions for your home, which showcases luxury through sheer simplicity.

Natural stone presents great potential as source for decorative elements, but only a few can shape it to meet the requirements of an architectural project, regardless of its complexity.

Our company offers a service oriented to today's architectural needs, by developing custom interior design and landscape architecture projects.

We deliver all kinds of custom works and we adapt to each of our customers. We also advise the best and most adequate use for every type of stone. We rely on a number of key factors: our expertise with stone, advanced technology, design, innovation, and our human capital.


Founded in 2007, although a long-term stakeholder in the craft of natural stone, DQ stone has been making architectural and decorative projects true ever since, from its base in the town of Macael, in the southern Spanish province of Almería.

It was the traditional family expertise in the field of marble extraction in the Macael quarries what led the third generation to take a leap into the business world in 2007, when they established DQ stone. Our company delivers architectural and decorative natural stone projects

The inquisitiveness of its founding member has been key to keep research and design central to the company’s values since the very beginning, and so has developed an array of new products in order to gain access to a growing number of new and ever-demanding markets and countries.

This enduring quest for design keeps us open to discovering new materials, and therefore being able to deliver infinite solutions in the world of contemporary architecture and design.

We can assure you that our high-quality materials from all over the five continents can keep up with even the most demanding of the projects.